Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Written by Joanne Houghton Hyatt - March 1982
If the "Castle Gate" could only
speak I wonder what it would say.
I wonder what tales it would tell about
things that have happened along the way.
What a proud sentinel; so solid -- so exposed!
Think of all the years it has opened and closed.
Opened those gates to strangers and friend.
Closed to make everyone feel welcome therein.
Think of the immigrants who came all alone;
And stayed, because they found a safe haven for their new home.
The miners day was long, with not much money to show;
For all those hard hours he spent in a dark hole.
All you miners today, do you stop and give thanks,
To the hard working men who brought unions into your ranks?
They fought long and hard and some of them died;
For more money, and safety; and they did it with pride.
Remember the time the marshall was shot?
The mob didn't wait for the law to do its job.
All has not always been peaceful and calm;
Especially when Butch Cassidy's gang came along.
They rode into town the payroll to rob.
And tracking them down proved quite a job.
The mine explosion was a terrible disaster,
It still brings sad memories, so many years after.
Then there were floods that took their toll.
Many times people had to walk into town from the railroad bridge below.
A lot of happy memories you'd remember to tell.
Plays, dinners, and winning ball teams without fail,
The 24th of July celebrations were always so much fun.
Food, ball games, parades and races kept everyone on the run.
Church and school activities, even our own band.
Welfare shows, Christmas treats, and the best dances in the land.
Where but in a small town do all ages work and play together.
To build a love and friendship that will last forever.
Our people may be scattered, but no matter where we roam.
As soon as we see that "Castle Gate"
In our hearts we'll know we're home.