Wednesday, July 20, 2011



b            First Galena Days was held in 1939.  The queen was Miss Kay Keller and aides were Miss Helen Morris and Miss Agnes McDonald.
            The second celebration was held in 1940 with Miss Eugenia Massa queen and Miss Betty Barnett and Miss Elva Crump, aides.
            In 1941 was the third celebration with Miss Lorraine Caulfield queen and Miss Phyllis Huffman and Miss Elva Crump, attendants.
            During the war years the celebration was discontinued and not held again until in 1945 which made the fourth celebration.  That year the queen Miss Beth Cowdell and aides were Miss Syble Archibald and Miss Adela Salazar.

            A year lapsed and the fifth celebration took place in 1947 when Miss Joyce Miller was the queen and attendants were Miss Jeane Willis and Miss Erma June Gammell.
            The sixth celebration was in 1950, Queen that year was Miss Bonnie Bethell and attendants were Miss Margy Isbell and Miss Rea Armistead.
            This year’s celebration, called the 1954 Golden Jubilee Galena Days and also the seventh celebration will unfold on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, August 26, 27, 28, of this week. Reigning over the three-day festivities will be Queen Miss Lucy Zanardi and her attendants Miss Lela Coca as Princess Copper and Miss Colleen Mannion as Princess Silver.

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  1. My mom was the first Miss Galena, Kay Keller. She married Eugene Davidson Robinson,(Pinkie). Later married William Robinson (Rusty), Both of Bingham Canyon, Utah. She is still living in California.