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far left   Eva Hall Thorpe
Eva had many dreams and premonitions and many came true.  Some were recorded in journals but most of them are now lost.  These are two dreams that the family remembers.
Eva was awakened from a terrible dream, something had happened to her brother (Tom)  What she could remember was a stranger coming to the door leaving Tom's lunch bucket on their doorstep.  A few weeks later it happened he had brought the bucket to the door and left it, just as she had seen it.  Her brother was dead and she had known it when she seen the bucket.  Tom Pearson Hall was killed in the Winter Quarters Mine 22 April, 1910.  He was 22 years old and had never married.   A coal car had broken away from the train somehow and killed him. 

Eva had another dream in which she had seen a ball of blinding light, a light that stayed and even became brighter.  Soon streamers of light broke away from the ball of light and came down into the town.  As they came down from the sky to the houses below, she recognized whose houses they entered, one by one as the streamers came.  When the last one came to her house, she woke up screaming, "Jack your going to burn." 

Castle Gate Disaster
A few weeks later her dream came true, her husband John (Jack) Thorpe and 172 other miners whose homes that the streamers came to were all dead.  Jack was a mine inspector and was looking for the source of a high concentration of methane gas. 

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