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by Mrs. Nellie Larsen
Thursday 30 March 1961

Emma, Grants daughter-Doris, Thomas
Mrs. Thomas (Emma) Halverson, 366 North 3rd West, has lived a long good and useful life and expects to live many more years and hopes to accomplish a lot of things she just hasn't had time for yet.  Even though she has some 90 years here, and they have been very busy years, she hopes to be able to do some more good for some more people.  One way she feels she is doing good is by going to the temple and she does this twice a month on the stake excursions and any other time she gets a chance.

Mrs. Halverson was born in Spanish Fork in a house that still stands and is now more than 100 years old, and has lived here most of her life.  Her father was Hans Otteson and her mother was born in Denmark.  She remembers the 3 month trip her mother took to visit her relatives in Denmark leaving Emma and her older sister 14 to care for the family.  Emma had a happy childhood even though she had to work hard on the farm and in the home.  She remembers Sunday afternoons when friends and neighbors would gather at someones home and make ice cream and enjoy each others company. 

Lyman, Thomas, Vernal, Emma
More than 70 years ago Emma married Thomas Halverson and they lived on a farm in Palmyra for many years.  When their first two children were babies, Tom went on an L.D.S. mission to Sweden (he was born in Denmark) and was gone 3 years.  It just happened that the husbands three of Emma's sisters were on missions the same time as Tom, so Emma and her babies went to live with these sisters in Lehi.  Emma worked real hard doing washings, picking berries and fruit, and selling books to keep her husband on a mission.  She remembers once Tom wrote that he just had to have a new suit and she simply did not have that much money to send him so she borrowed it from a friend, and it was not long before she sold enough books to pay back the loan.

The Halversons were parents of seven children, five of whom are still living, and Mrs. Halverson is so proud of all of them and of her 28 grandchildren and her 58 great-grand children. 

The oldest, Thomas Lyman, lives in Glendale, California, and is married to the former Pearl Hanks, of Salem.  This couple were caretakers at Carthage Jail for 25 months and Mrs. Halverson enjoyed a visit with them at this place. 

Reed, Grant Clara
Thomas Lyman, Allen, Vernal, Emma, Emma
The second son, Vernal, died when he was 58, leaving a wife and four children. 

Grant, who is married to the former Minnie Clayson, lives in Spanish Fork and is in the real estate business here. 

Reed lives in Ogden and is married to the former Luena Hicken, of Heber.  Reed has served two different missions in New Zealand being the president of the mission at one time and he works for the California Packing Company. 

Clara lives in Ogden with her husband, Scott Price. 

Allen married Valentine Simmons from Payson and they now live in Price where Allen operates a furniture store in Helper.

Reed, Clara, Thomas, Allen, Emma, Grant, Lyman, Vern
at Palmyra
Mrs. Halverson says the secret of being happy and contented no matter what age you are is to keep busy and she certainly does just that.  She does all of her house work, takes care of her flowers in summer, and finds time to do an almost unbelievable amount of handwork that she gives to her relatives and friends.  Just recently she has quilted two  quilts one for her daughter, and one for a granddaughter.  She has pieced many quilt tops and this last year she has made more than 20 aprons with cross-stitch embroidery on them.(note, if anyone needs a new cross-stitch pattern she surely has lots of them). She also makes many other aprons and always has some on hand.  She says, "They are so handy to give as birthday or other gifts so I always have plenty of aprons on hand."  She does beautiful embroidery work an crochets edges and doilies and she says she always gives her handwork to her family members for Christmas presents.  She has a most unusual rug she has made from old felt hats.

Spanish Fork
Another hobby of this lovely little lady is the collecting and showing of the many gifts her friends and family have given her throughout the years.  She has a rather large china closet (she said Reed made it for her.) simply chucked full of these gifts of every kind.  "I know I shouldn't have so many things in this one cupboard" she apologized," but I want to have these presents where I can see them so what else can I do?"  She is so proud of each present and can tell who gave each gift to her and there's a good story attached to most of them. 
Some very beautiful dishes given to her as a wedding presents 70 years ago and many other dishes of all kinds. There are gifts from many different states and several different countries.  This interesting and, worthwhile collection and Mrs. Halverson is already wondering what will happen to all her lovely things when she is gone.

Walking is another hobby Mrs. Halverson has and she says it helps to keep her in the good health she enjoys and is very thankful for.  She walks to Relief Society and other church meetings; walks to town to do her shopping and walks to the neighbors, sometimes to take them some of her many flowers she raises each summer.  This is a remarkable woman for her age and we certainly wish her many more years of good health and happy living.

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