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Dubois, Wyoming
Owned & Operated by

Dean & Lorraine Johnson
Bonded & Licensed Outfitters

Brooks Lake
The Brooks Lake Dude Ranch is located in the high country northeast of Togwotee Pass which is halfway between Dubois and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  It is one of the oldest and most historic dude ranches in Wyoming, and has available what is probably the finest hunting areas anywhere in the United States.  We have elk, deer, bear, moose, and big horn sheep.  In addition, there is some of the finest fishing in the entire state of Wyoming. 

Our two hunting camps are located in the Teton Wilderness area and we also hunt from our ranch.  Our campsites are on the south fork of the Buffalo River and on Cub Creek which is close to the Continental Divide.  At either camp, the hunter need never be concerned with the annoyance of vehicles, as all vehicles are absolutely prohibited and there are few hunters due to the remoteness of the area.  The Buffalo River camp, is approximately 18 to 20 miles from the ranch and the Cub Creek camp is 8 to 10 miles.  Both camps lie in the high country which is in the heart of the summer retreat for elk, deer, bear and moose, and are very close to one of the largest groups of Big Horn Sheep on the North American continent.  We have a minimum 10 day hunt at either camp because we feel that the hunter should have enough time to bag his game.  Any less of a hunt in these areas, would be unfair as it does take one day to pack in and one day to pack out.  If on the other hand, a guest should wish to have the convenience of a modern cabin, etc., we have a seven day hunt from the ranch. 

We furnish everything at the camps and ranch including lodging, food, horses, packing, and licensed guides.  Our camps have a cook tent for cooking and dining, sleeping tents, with a stove in each one and sleeping bags if desired.  The camps also include a cook, wrangler, and a licensed guide for each two non-resident hunters as required by Wyoming law.  We limit the ber of hunters in each camp to a maximum of 8 to 10. 

Our meals in both the camps and the ranch are hearty, well prepared, and consist of a variety of beef, pork, and foul.  Elk, deer, and trout will be served at the request of our guest. 

If you enjoy beautiful scenery, excellent fishing, rock hunting, and big game hunting at its best, do plan to meet us at Brooks Lake Dude Ranch this fall.  See you there. 
Taken from one of their advertisements. 

Dean and Lorraine were preparing for the coming hunting season, 64 hunters were soon to arrive and it was going to be a prosperous year.  They were hauling supplies from the ranch house to a place up the trail so that the pack animals didn't have to carry the supplies so far.  The supplies were to be loaded on pack animals and taken back to their hunting camps.  When Dean and Loraine didn't come back  on time the cook became concerned and went looking for them.  She found them sitting in their truck with the engine running to keep warm.  They were killed by exhaust fumes.  The truck was quite new but it had seen hard service, it literally made its own road pushing trees down and climbing over rocks and ditches, causing the exhaust system to be broken. 

   They died 10 September, 1966, leaving two teenage daughters, Janet, 18 and Diana Lynne, 14.  "It seemed to be best at the time to let their grandmother raise them",  Lorraine’s sister, Irene said,  "They had just lost both parents and it would have been hard to take them away from their grandmother too, but, the way it turned out, I wish we would have taken them with us." 

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