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James Holmes
by Anna Money
Uncle Con      Aunt Dorothy
Jim             John
As everyone here knows, Jim had a very complex personality.  This is in no way a tribute or eulogy to Jim.  I just wanted the people here to know some things about Jim that I knew.
Jim was an avid reader. I believe he owned a copy of every church book that was ever published. You never ever went to his house that he didn’t have an assortment of books he was reading. He was very methodical about even the way he arranged his books on the table. Jim also enjoyed listening to classical music and always had either the radio on or his records listening to music. Jim did enjoy nice things. One way or the other, he always managed to have them. He was so proud of his home and loved buying nice things to put in it.

The thing I most remember about Jim is his love for gardening and flowers. I have always said, "no one could grow a garden or flowers like Jim" He knew what to do and how to do it so that he had the best garden in town. His yard actually was one of the most beautiful in town. He always knew how to take care of his fruit trees and was always so willing to share his lovely garden and fruit with his friends and neighbors. It used to be so much fun to visit because we would eventually get outside and got a chance to see all his flowers and taste his delicious fruits and vegetables. I for one was very sad when he could no longer garden or take care of his trees and had to pull them all up and plant grass.  Jim loved his home and loved his yard. He also valued his independence and fought for that until he absolutely could not drive or live alone. Jim had some wonderful friends who helped him in an assortment of ways.
Grandpa Holmes   John    Uncle Con
Lila and Grant Carlisle were there for him. I can remember many times Jim telling me that Lila had taken him shopping for dish towels or for new pants or clothes. Then not only did she take him shopping but she also did a lot of altering for him. Lila took Jim grocery shopping many many times. The Carlisle’s have truly been special people in Jim’s life.

Jim had many other good friends. Dennis and Rosemary Dixon hired Jim to do some bookkeeping for them at his place of business. They were very kind to Jim and appreciated his knowledge of managing books and doing their billing. I think Jim got Dennis all squared away on how to run his business?? They even had Jim over to their home for Sunday Dinner and I know he appreciated that very much. Don Dixon was always a friend he could count on. He would visit Jim and accepted Jim’s invitations to visit and have dinner with him. I know for a fact, Jim loved to cook and loved having someone come over and share a meal he had prepared with him.
Larry and Nina Carter were another couple who went above and beyond friendship with Jim. I know that Larry paid a lawn care company to take care of Jim’s yard, mowing, etc. when Jim no longer could manage his own yard care. That went on for quite a few years. Larry was also Jim’s Home Teacher and I’m sure spent a lot of time visiting with him. They also had Jim over for dinner and he always mentioned to me how nice it was and how much he enjoyed spending time in their home.
left  Conrad

I had never met the Halverson’s but Jim always mentioned them as his dad’s relations and I know they were very kind to Jim and spent time coming down from Salt Lake and taking him for rides and talking about genealogy and putting family history together. This Christmas their’s was the only Christmas Card Jim received. Reed took it to the hospital and read it to Jim and even though Jim was in a semi-coma Reed feels he understood what he was reading and who it was from.
Other people that were part of Jim’s life were Dick and Lynda Money who never ever forgot Jim’s birthday and always remembered him at Christmas time. He enjoyed his association with Doreen because they enjoyed so many of the same things and the main thing was their love of cats, flowers and gardening. They exchanged many "flower starts" with each other. Doreen was also someone Jim loved to call and visit with on the telephone. His aunt Maudie Viertel was someone else he admired and loved to visit with on the telephone. He was always so happy when Maudie and some of her family would stop by to see him on Memorial Day which they did almost every year.

Uncle Con  Aunt Dorothy   Jimmie
Every Christmas Eve Jim would receive a huge box of assorted things. He wondered for years and years who delivered that box so regularly on Christmas Eve. I can tell him now but I was sworn to secrecy for all these years. It was our children Ken and family,Dan and family and Karen and family. That was one of their greatest "fun events" of Christmas Eve. All three families gathered and wrapped gifts of every kind and description to fill a huge box. They would get all the kids in the car, hide the car, carry the heavy box to the front door ring the doorbell and run, that was one of the highlights of their Christmas getting Jim’s box together. Ken always put a card in with money in it for Jim. I know that Jim looked forward to receiving that box every year and enjoyed unwrapping each and every present he got. They are going to miss doing that for him.
Jim’s brother John and his wife Linda helped Jim out and supported him through out his life in whatever way they could. Being so far away it was hard for John but he helped by sending Jim money and doing what he could to make life easier for Jim. John has also taken on the responsibility of Jim’s burial as Jim had no insurance.

Aunt Dorothy
Then there is Reed Money. I can’t begin to tell you how many times Reed came home and would say something to the effect "that Jim is the hardest person I have ever know to deal with, etc. etc." I’m not ever going down there again etc. etc. Well the phone would ring and it would be Jim asking Reed if he could come down and change a light bulb or fix a leaky faucet or come open a can for him or drive him to the store or pick up something for him at the hardware store or the pharmacy and Reed never ever refused him. He would jump in his truck and off he would go. Reed was just a guy who couldn’t say "no" I doubt there was ever more than a couple weeks go by that Reed wasn’t over to the Provo Hospital visiting Jim. It would upset him to see him in such a bad state of mind but always he went. Reed was the "contact" person for Jim all these years during his trials and tribulations in different hospitals and doctor’s offices. I know Jim appreciated having Reed and knowing he could depend on him. Jim told me so many times.

Jim had many kind, patient case workers, doctors, nurses, and health care people and they were all very helpful and I know need to be thanked for their kindness to Jim.  I’m sure all of you here join me in praying that Jim is at peace, that he’s well and happy and enjoying doing all the things he loved most and could not do here. We also know he is rejoicing in being with his beloved parents Dorothy and Con.
May this next journey for Jim be a happy, healthy one where he can find peace and contentment.  Thanks for coming today. I know it would mean a lot to Jim having you here.
And I say this in the name of Jesus Christ , Amen      
Anna Money       

                      Good Bye Jimmie
Eugene Halverson
I have a lot of words but I really don’t know how to say it. 
Eureka  Swed/Finn Hall

Jimmie was the son of my favorite uncle, Uncle Con.  Uncle Con was the valedictorian in Tintic High School.  He was so brilliant that there many in Eureka who wanted to help him through college.  Everybody loved him.  He was fun to be with and led us everywhere.  
Jimmie had a brilliant mind but was hard to deal with.  After taking him on a ride or out to dinner I went home swearing not ever to come again but I did.  I should have just brought him food to cook because he could really cook.  It was better than anything the restaurants had.  He even owned a restaurant once.  He could still write and speak Swedish he learned years ago when he was about to go on a mission.  
I tried to get him to tell what he knew about grandpa and his mother and dad.  It was hard but eventually I would have something write but he never liked it nor would he write one for me.  He did give me a book of grandma’s and a few photos that I was grateful for.  He did have good heart so I always came back.                                         

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