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                I was born in Frisco, Beaver County, Utah, 21 June, 1904, then we moved to Eureka 1905.  Mother ran a boarding house and Dad worked in the mines.  When I was home I could speak Swedish, this was when I was learning to speak English, sometimes I would mix them up.  I wish I had of continued to speak Swedish.  I went to the tenth grade, done well in math and Latin. 

                We moved back to Frisco, Utah when I was about six years old.  Vanner and I sold the grip, we bought a wagon, used it to haul wood also have fun in.  I liked playing baseball.  When I was little, we went to a red school, it had two rooms in it, two teachers usually a man principal.  We walked two miles to school.  We packed water.  Dad was a boss at the Horn Silver Mine. 

                My sister, Edith married Eric Swenson when she was 18 years old, had Helen, Edith, Margaret, Virginia, Walter and Arnold.  He died when Arnold was three months old in Eureka. 

                Mother used to tell me some things, I wished I had wrote down, it was about our Grandmother and her family now it is quite hard to remember.  Her Father died when she was eleven,  her Mother died when she was seven years old and then she had to pay people to take care of her besides work hard.  ---All I remember of Mother's name is her last name, Antbrams. 

                Mother had two sisters and one step-sisters, all her folks have passed away.  Mother had boarders here and she worked very hard in this country.  My Dad was so grateful that Mother lived long enough to raise us. 
Dad was the only child, his Father's name was Eric Holms and her Mother's name was Brita Marie Hermansdotter Murkais.  Dad had a quite a few Aunts and Uncles in Eureka.  There were Lovisa Snell Erickson, Edward Holmes, Wendla Erickson Olsen and Charley Holms, all of Eureka.  John Verner Holms (Verner Hoijer) who lives in Murray is First cousin of Dads, he told all his folks are dead even his sister.  He has a daughter, June Holmes Garrity and one Grandson. 

                On Christmas we always had a Christmas tree and presents.  On New Years my Dad used to melt solder and let it fall and form symbols, he would interpret them for us. 

                Mother always had a little dog and cat also she milked a cow while we lived in Eureka.  We bought a home in Eureka but couldn't pay for it so we moved to Frisco where Dad got work.  Sometimes he would lease and it would be hard, he worked very hard.  One time him and Vanner worked three months and only paid for the hauling.  One time he worked over a year on a lease, then he located some rich ore which the Company took back, but he didn't brood over it.  He seemed always to accept things very good.  He and Vanner were great friends. 

                Conrad was very good to Mother while he was growing up, he used to wax the floors and help clean the house.  Mother wasn't very well for some time.  He and Dorothy were good to Dad in his old age.  Edith used to do Mother's washing, she would pay her for it. 

                We lived at Tintic Standard for a few years.  Mother was happy there, Dad had steady work and Vanner had work.  I was working in Salt Lake and I was very homesick.  Mother took sick so Dad sent Vanner to come and get me.  

                Mother died when she was 56 years old, not a grey hair.  Dad was 76 years old.  I was so happy he gave Vivian my Mother's birthstone ring.   Mother gave me a beautiful birthstone ring but I lost it. 

                "This part of my history of my history I am writing at Ocean City, Washington, it is 9. 30 P.M. and still light, July 5th, 1964.  I just turned on the light". 

                Went to work for Mr. and Mrs. Hillsdale up at Finchville, cooking and cleaning house at 15 years old.  Got my first five dollar raise for making doughnuts for Mr. Hillsdale's breakfast also they used to let me have all the milk they couldn't drink and I would take it down to my sisters. 

                Then after that I left for Bingham Canyon where I got work at Schillings, he was manager of Utah Copper, they had four children.  I got a raise for making homemade bread also for being good to the children.  I quit there because I thought I had to work too hard, so I got work at a Swedish Boarding House, but it was worse. 
Then I went up to work at the Copper Hotel in Copperfield as a waitress and quit there and went to the U.S. Hotel and it was the best place I ever worked.  It was run by Mr. Olleniger and Mr. Whetsel, we worked two hours on two hours rest altogether it was six hours.  We were assigned four tables and anyone doing different got fired.  I kept that job till I got married, quit once went to a Greek restaurant for more money.  I could have stayed there as a cashier but quit when Mr. Whetsel came and got me to go back to the U.S. Hotel.  We made $50 dollars clear there and room and board, at the Greeks it was $ 125 dollars but then I had to pay room rent which was $ 40 dollars a month.  I stayed with Mrs. Irene Edvick which was Mrs. Fred Johnson, they had five children and her brother staying there. 

                Them days Bingham was very crowded.  Recreation was going to a baseball game between Utah Copper and U.S. Mine and dancing at Finn Hall at Carr Fork.  Carr Fork was mostly Swedish- Finns living there. 

                I met Harvey at the U.S. Hotel, we went together for two years.  I met his Mother and Dad, they lived at Mapleton.  They had four acres of ground, some pigs, cows, horse and some chickens, raspberries also strawberries.  Father Halverson was very sick, he never got well so it was a very hard life for Mother Halverson.  Became very good friends with Mary and Jim Halverson, met Jose and Chris, They lived at Thistle.  Merrill and Joe were home, Merrill later married Doris.  Mary and Lewie came from Arizona and I met them and became good friends.  Also met Liza and Louis Sutler at the death of Father Halverson, 4 December, 1928.  Mother Halverson died 12 March 1956 and Joe the same year, 24 June, 1956.  Joyce Halverson's Father 25 April, 1956 of cancer.
 Paul Halverson left on his Mission for New Zealand, 25 October, 1955.  Gene and Joyce were married 23 September, 1955.  Lee and Carol were married 5 October, 1954.  My Dad died 30 June, 1954.  Paul graduated from High School 1953, Vivian 1954. 

                Now my brother, Conrad has gone on to join them, he passed away 21 August, 1964.  I think it's so hard to think of him as dead so unreal.  Now his son, John Eugene is on a mission, at present he is learning the Spanish Language, three months from now he will fly to Central America.  Jim or James Conrad Holmes is attending school at B.Y.U.  My brother, Conrad graduated from the twelfth grade as valedictorian and two gold medals, also a scholarship to the U. of U. 

                My brother, Vanner went to the eleventh grade then worked as a hoistman at a little mine, also he worked on the railroad. 

                Vanner and I were very close when we were little and now since Vanner's wife, Fern died we have been very close.  He sent me a lovely frying pan for my birthday, he is very lonely since Fern Passed away.  Well I guess i had better hit the hay, "Goodnight, it is now 10:30 P.M.."

                Gene has made some very fine and beautiful cabinets and book case, also a beautiful fireplace.  So we think he has done very well.  Joyce makes some very fine clothes, she also works as a nurse two days a week.  They have two very nice looking children, Diane, who has brown eyes and hair will be in the second grade.  David , who is five years old. 

                Lee is a very hard worker, we worry over him but he seems to like it.  He works at Kennecott also for the West Jordan Post Office.  His wife, Carol dose very beautiful paintings also dose nice sewing.  She gave me one of her paintings.  They have four very nice looking children, blue eyes and blond hair.  There are Carolee, Wayne, Bonnie and Janet.  Both boys own their own home, Lee has his yard just about all landscaped. 

             We were very happy to see Paul leave on his Mission, he had a successful mission.  We received letters from converts there, very nice ones and later met the Bishop and Mrs. Dill and Mr. and Mrs.--------when they came to conference at Salt Lake City. 

                Harvey has worked steady at the U.S. Mine for 40 years, he could have retired 7 March, 1964 but decided to work two more years so I can draw social security, he likes to travel.  He has been a good Husband and Father.  Lee and Gene ask him to go deer hunting with them.  Paul has been good about sharing his vacations with us, it seems nice he is home now.  Vivian has been a very good daughter to us.  Lee and Gene have been very good also.  Our daughter-in-laws, we get along nicely together and we enjoy our grandchildren and they seem to like us.  I am going to invite them down before school starts again.  I am getting tired of writing we'll close now. 
I was P.T.A. President in Copperfield, worked on Civil Defence also for the Democrat Party during the Roosevelt administration, canvasing for votes.  Worked on the Ration Board at Copperfield during the 2nd World War, helped give out ration stamps.  Helped the Boy Scouts.  Sewed for the Relief Society.  Worked to collect money for recreation for Bingham.  worked as Primary Historian for Primary and First Counselor in the Relief Society under President Eleanor Hatfield and Bishop John Price, also Relief Society Magazine Representative.   

                I love to read, sew, crochet and embroidery.  We were married in the Salt Lake Temple 25 February, 1956, have been attending Church quit regularly. 

                 Paul was Elder Teacher, Harvey Elders President and Ward Teacher, presently we are home Teachers, I enjoy doing it.  I was also a Relief Society Teacher, Harvey is now a seventy. 

                Carolee  is in the third grade and Wayne in the 2nd grade.  In June Harvey, Paul, Vivian and I had one picture taken, set us back $ 30 dollars but it's pretty good. 

                When Gene was about four months old I used to take him sleigh riding and he just loves the outdoors.  He taught Vivian how to ski, Lee loves swimming.  Both boys have been Boy Scout teachers.  Lee had a lot of Eagles and won quit a few awards.  Last year Carol was 2nd Counselor in M.I.A.  Her Mother doesn't feel to well, her eyes are troubling her.  She might have to be operated on. 
Both Carol and Joyce treat Harvey nice, they both don't have a father so they direct their attention on him, but he is very nice to them. 

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