Saturday, July 9, 2011


Dear Gene,

I have made complementaries to your family-tree:
Descendants of Jakob
I have checked different passenger lists ( ;
Karl Alfred Holms (18 y) travelled from Hangö, Finland to Eureka, USA 20.9.1905.
Hilda (26), Gunnar (4) and Irene (3) travelled from Hangö to Eureka 2.5.1914.
Alfred and Hilda married in America 4.12.1907.
Maria Holms (30) and Maria Holms (8) travelled from Hangö to Eureka 15.5.1907.
Johan Holms (17) travelled from Hangö to Montreal 18.9.1920. (Can it be Johannes Verner Holms-Höijer????).
Johan Holms (38) from Hangö to Bisbee 27.11.1909. (Could be Johannes Holms, born 28 april 1871?). He returned to Finland.
Matts Höijer (b. 1862) passport dated 28.4.1899. Johannes Verner´s father.
Jacob Holms (19) from Hangö to Eureka 29.4.1899.
Lovisa Holms (26) arrived to America 15 Apr. 1907 (Probably another Lovisa Holms from Vörå. This one was born 1881.
Yendla Holms, probably Vendla Holms (18) arrived 10 July 1899.

I have researched in the register of the church in Vörå and found that Erik Johansson Holms went to confession (skriftskola in swedish) 18.6.1871.
He married Brita 1.12.1876. It was Brita´s second marriage. First marriage to Jakob Jakobsson Skarper 21.11.1873. Jakob died 22.7.1875, no children.

To get more details about Holmes-family´s life in Kvevlax I have to go to Kvevlax church-register.

That´s all this time. I hope you can get out something of it.

Best Regards

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