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I John Thomas Houghton was born 18 October, 1909 at Castlegate, Carbon County Utah, in the house where Reed Jensen now lives in the center of the town.  I was named after my maternal Uncle John Thomas Burrows.  I was christened 5 December, 1909 by Henry F. Hampson.

My father's name is Charles Houghton he was born 3 March, 1874 in the town of Heather England his father's name was George Houghton and his mother's name was Ann Wragg.

My mother's name was Catherine Burrows she was born 30 May, 1876 in Swannington England.  Her father's name was Herbert Burrows, born 11 July, 1848 in Kimberly Nothshire, England and he died 14 January, 1908 in Swaldincote, Derbyshire, England.  Her mother's name was Sarah Ann Ward born 21 February, 1848 in Whitwhich Lestershire, England and she died in May 1910 in Swadlincote Derbyshire, England.

I was baptized at the age of eight into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 6 July, 1919 by David McMillan, confirmed the same day by Morgan D. Evans.

I started school when I was 6 years of age.  Teachers I remember are:  Principal Charles Madsen who still resides in Carbon County in the city of Price; Miss Funk; Miss Edith Jones; Mr. Francis Jex; Miss Ruth Dillon; Principal L. Earl Acord.

I had an adventure when I was in the fourth grade.  I was accused of stealing my classmate's ball bat.  I denied it but was forced to search for it.  I happened to find it and was made to apologize and stand in front of my class for the rest of the day.  I was never able to find the guilty person so I was never cleared of the act.

One incident I remember when I was five years of age happened while I was playing with a group of playmates.  We were around a bonfire, as children will do, when one of he boys, Lee Pulsipher by name, threw a sack into the fire.  Then with a long stick, he pulled the sack from the fire and  threw it into the air and it came down on my head.  I pulled it away with my right hand.  From then on, I carry scars on the right side of my face and on my right hand.  I will carry these scars the rest of my life.

I was ordained as a Priest 2 July, 1933 in the Castlegate Ward by Hayden Evans, who is now deceased.

I was ordained an Elder 29 January, 1937 in the Stake House at Price, Utah in a High Priest's Quorum Meeting by Bishop William Berry Stapley.  His is Bishop of Castlegate Ward. 

I was married to Deseret Josephine Gilbert 12 July, 1932 at Castle Dale, Utah in Emery County by Talesni F. Evans, Justice of the Peace of that town.  Our marriage was witnessed by David John Griffiths and his wife, Lucille Mills Griffiths.

We made our home at Castlegate, Utah, first living in rooms owned by Mary Rees and then moving to the Terrace C at the upper end of Castlegate Town.  To us was born a baby daughter,  3 March, 1934.  She was blessed and given the name of Joanne Earlene Houghton by her maternal grandfather, Victor E. Gilbert on 1 April, 1934.

My wife and I received recommends for the Salt Lake Temple and were sealed for time and all eternity 2 April, 1937.  We were married by President George F. Richards and witnessed by Samuel Neff and Lester S. Sciville.

Later we were blessed with a boy who brought joy into our lives.  But being an invalid, he was with us until seven days after his fifteenth birthday, then Father in Heaven called him back home to heaven.

Two years later, we were blessed with a baby daughter, Joanne Earlene.

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