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Karen Maria Halversen Jensen was born 9 Jan., 1860 at Sindal, Hjorring, Denmark.  The daughter of Christian Peter Halvorsen and Johanna Larsen.  She was one of a family of ten children.  She joined the Church of Latter Day Saints and was baptized in the Sea of Cattagat in March of 1875 by Andrew Hansen. 

In June 1882 she left Copenhagen with her eleven year old brother, Niels and immigrated to the United States.  She had $4.00 in her possession as she sailed aboard the ship Agata for Liverpool, England.  She took care of chicken pox and measle cases and an elderly couple from Holland, while on the ship, which helped pay her ocean passage.  On reaching New York in the company of the Elders, she boarded the train and took care of an orphan boy who was coming to Nebraska.  They arrived in Spanish Fork, Utah, where she had friends.  Her brother Niels went to work for a friend of her father who had preceded her sometime beforehand and who had paid the immigration ticket for him.  She went to work for a Mr. Holm for $1.25 a week and later helped two brothers immigrate and then they pooled their savings and sent for their parents and two sisters. 

Later they moved to Goshen and the following year 11 Jan. 1883, she was married to Nels Herbert Jensen in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City.  In 22 Oct. 1893 they made a trip with a team and wagon to the Manti Temple where she was sealed to her parents, her brother Neils being married at the same time. 

After her marriage she and her husband settled in Goshen where her six boys were born; Peter Halvor, 30 Jan. 1884; Hans Fredrick, 8 Feb. 1887; John Henry, 1 Nov. 1891; Alvin Joseph Herbert, 26 Jan. 1893; Levi Bennet, 4 June 1896; and Sterling Woodruff, 24 June 1898. 

In 1900 the family moved from their home in Goshen Utah to Ucon, Idaho.  They settled on a farm a mile from the Ucon townsite to the north of them.  Here they lived until 1912 when they moved into the town of Ucon.  She died at her home in Ucon, 11 June

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