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Translation to English 
from the short genealogical research of the Kock-Holms family 
made by Runar Hagberg (Monika Holms´ uncle) in August 2002:

To Holms farm Rnr 3 in Rökiö came 1875 a new farmer to a part of the 1½ assessment unit of land (mantalshemman). The farmer came from Kvevlax but he was born in Karvat on the Kock farm Rnr 6.

He was:
Johan Simonsson Kock, born 3.8.1822. Died 7.12.1893 at the Holms farm
Wife I: Anna-Lisa Simonsdotter born Kock in Karvat 13.2.1825. Died 10.6.1849
Marriage: 30.6.1842

-          Simon, born 21.9.1842. Died 7.10.1943
-          1. Simon, born 29.10.1844         Married to Maria Simonsdotter Finne
-          2. Johan, born 14.1.1847            Married to Anna-Maria Abrahamsdotter
-          3. Brita, born 16.7.1848

Wife II: Anna-Lisa Andersdotter, born Kejsar 12.6.1824
Marriage: 23.10.1849

-          4. Lisa, born 4.1.1851
-          Anders, born 13.1.1853. Died 5 years old 12.8.1858
-          5. Erik, born 16.12.1854. Died 5.4.1900.  Married to Brita Hermansdotter Murkas (2:nd wife)
-          Maria. born 21.3.1858. Died 26.4.1860
-          6. Anna, born 14.12.1863. Married to Johan Johansson Klärk
-          7. Mickel, born 7.10.1866. Died 29 years old 22.6.1895 in America, unmarried

The family moved to Kvevlax 6.1.1861, then they moved to Holms, Vörå 1875. The second wife died in Kvevlax. Johan did marry his third wife in Kvevlax.

Wife III: Maria Brita Karl-Johansdotter, born Strandbäck 23.8.1839 from Köklot, Kvevlax. Died 13.5.1892.

-          8. Maria, born 15.1.1869. To Vasa 1892, emig. to America.
-          9. Josef, born 29.8.1870. To America 1894.
-          10. Lovisa, born 25.8.1874. To Vasa 1893, emig. to America.
-          11. Karl, born 11.7.1877. To Vasa and emigrated to America.
-          12. Jakob, born 16.12.1879.  Emigrated to America 1895.
-          13. Venla, born 2.6.1881. To Vasa 1894, emig. to America.

Johan`s and Anna-Lisa`s 1. and 2. Brita, 16.7.1848 from the first marriage and Lisa 4.1.1851 from from the second marriage probably stayed in Kvevlax when the family moved to Vörå.
Daughter Anna from the second marriage married to Johan on Klärk farm Rnr 15 in Rökiö 19.11.1886.
Child: Greta Lovisa, born 4.11.1887.
The family emigrated to America 1899, but Anna and Greta Lovisa returned to Finland. Johan Johansson Klärk, born 14.3.1868, died in America 17.1.1901.

Johan Johansson the younger, born 14.1.1847, and his family became the last farmers on Holms farm Rnr 3 in Rökiö, Vörå. Holms farm had been owned by priests, county policemen, officers and other public official persons during hundreds of years. It is probably one of the oldest houses in the parish.
The family sold the farm to a foundation that became Vörå Folkhögskola. The family members moved out to other places most of them went to America. Probably there live hundreds of descendants today. There are a lot of work for a genealogist. Most of the members of the Kock family used the name Holms except those, who settled to other farms for instans Karvat Kock.

The farmer at the Kock farm in Karvat Rnr 6 moved with his family to Kvevlax 6.1.1861. Probably did Johan still own the farm in Karvat, because 1863 his oldest son Simon was the new farmer at the farm in Karvat.

The family in Karvat:
Simon Johansson Kock, born 29.10.1844.
Wife: Maria Simonsdotter, born Finne 3.8.1839. Died 24.3.1901.
Marriage: 14.6.1863

1.      Anna-Lisa, born 12.3.1864, married to Johan Johansson Borgmästar.
2.     Beata Lovisa, born 23.9.1865. Died 21.6.1867.
3.      Maria, born 28.8.1867.      To America 1893.
4.      Maria Lovisa, born 29.11.1870
5.      Fredrika, born 19.9.1873. (Lived in a cottage built in the beginning of 1900. The cottage was sold 1940 to the Karvat village. It is today a meeting house for the inhabitants in Karvat).
6.      Johannes, born 1.6.1875
7.      Brita, born 15.2.1877. Died 32 years old 19.1.1909, unmarried.
8.      Simon Erik, born 17.7.1879. To Sweden.
9.      Mickel, born 27.9.1882. Married to Lisa Greta Eriksdotter Eurs.

Johan´s son from the first marriage, Simon´s brother, was married in Kvevlax and moved to Vörå. Even his half-brother Erik that was married in Kvevlax moved to Vörå, to Holms at the same time. The brothers bought probably a great part of the Holms farm from the county policeofficer Solvin. (Other sources say that Johan Kock and Mickel Råback bought the farm and later sold parts to their relatives)

The farmers on Holms:
Johan Johansson (the younger), born 14.1.1847 in Karvat.
Wife: Anna Maria Abrahamsdotter, born  27.7.1847 in Kvevlax.

1.      Maria, born 24.9.1868.      Married to Matts Mårtensson Höijer
2.      Johannes, born 28.4.1871.           Married to Anna-B Johansdotter Klärk.
3.      Isak-Erik, born12.11.1873
4.      Edvard, born 29.1.1877.   Married to Maria Fredriksdotter Söderman.
5.      Karl-Alfred, born 20.4.1887.          Married to Hilda-M Myrskog. To America 1900.
6.      Herman Edvin, born 12.9.1893     Married to Ester Elisabet Antell.

The son Erik was married the first time in Kvevlax and moved to Vörå as a widower. Married to Brita from Murkais in Mäkipää. They settled in a part of Holms as farmers.

Erik Johansson Holms-Kock, born 16.12.1854. Died 5.4.1900.
Brita Hermansdotter, born Murkais 7.2.1848. Died 27.12.1938.

1.      Johannes, born 29.5.1878. Died 1954. Married to Lisa Jakobsdotter Antbrams.
2.      Lisa, born 28.5.1879. Died 16.6.1879.
3.      Erik, born 12.9.1881. Died15.9.1881.

Johan Johansson´s oldest daughter Maria married Matts Höijer Rnr 6 in Rökiö.

Matts Mårtensson Höijer Dahlros, born 15.1.1862. Died 24.4.1909.
Maria Johansdotter , born Kock-Holms 24.9.1868. Died 3.12.1954.
Marriage: 12.5.1891.
Matts emigrated to America 1892. When he came back to Finland, he built a cottage at the Holms hill. His wife became widow 1909. She lived in the cottage the rest of her life. When Maria died the house was sold to Elvi Grans, who was the schoolteacher in needlework. The redpainted cottage is still at the Holms hill.
1.      Hilda Maria, born 28.7.1897. Died 18.5.1949. Married to Evert Eurs.
2.      Johannes Verner, born 21.7.1903.           To Canada.

Johan Johansson´s son Johannes married Anna-Beata at the Klärk farm. Also this family lived a short time at Holms

Johannes Johansson Holms-Kock, born 28.4.1871. Died 18.11.1943.
Wife I: Anna-Beata Johansdotter, born Klärk 11.2.1871. Died 5.1.1901.

1.      Johannes Edvin, born 25.9.1898. Unmarried.

Wife II: Maria Eriksdotter, born Nygård 13.5.1877. Died 12.11.1915.

2.      Ester Maria, born 1.9.1906. Married to Emil Mattsson Nygård
3.      Erik Arvid, born 11.5.1908. To Canada 1928.
4.      Signe Elvira, born 1.1.1910. Married to Sigurd Mickelsson Lassus
5.      Elsa Adele, born2.5.1913. Married to Jakob Engström.
Isak-Erik Holms, born 12.11.1873
Anna Charlotta Svensson from Sweden

Children: Erik Arvid
                 Alvin Carl

Edward Holms, born29.1.1877

Maria Söderman

Children: Maria (Mary)

Karl-Alfred, born 20.4.1887

Hilda Johanna Myrskog

Children: Carl Gunnar

Herman Edvin Holms. born 1893, Died 1952
Wife I: Ester Elisabet Antell, born 27.8.1890. Died 22.7.1938

Children: Lars Edvin, born 28.3.1923. Died 2.5.2001.
                 Margit Elisabet, born 1925, lives in Vasa, married to Rudolf Enroth.

Hermans wife II: Karin Björkestam, born 28.12.1899 in Borgå, Finland.
Marriage: 17.11.1940.

Lars Edvin Holms, born 28.3.1923
Gunnel Ingegerd Ahlskog, born 25.8.1925, lives in Kvevlax

Children: Lars Göran, born 24.10.1950, lives in Vörå
                 Caj Edvin, born 22.3.1952, lives in Kvevlax
                 Ralf Gunnar, born 12.11.1955, lives in Malax

Lars Göran Holms, 24.10.1950
Kyra Monika Hagberg, born 11.4.1957

Children: Tina Terese, born 21.6.1982
                 Sara Katarina, born 19.2.1985

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