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History written by Magda Brown
Read over KSL (radio) February 11, 1939
As she sits there as we look at her, she seems such a gentle soul - reticent, grave and delicate.  One would never imagine the stamina, the courage, the indomitable will that lies behind those kind, clear eyes.

Hannah Brown of Monroe, Utah, has wonderfully lived.  She has upheld the noble, sturdy heritage left her by her parents, who were pioneers.  Hannah was born in Galton, Denmark in the year 1853 - the date, February 11th, that is today.  She is 86 years old now.

In 1877, she in company with her father and an invalid mother, emigrated to America.  On their voyage across the deep, Hannah's sick mother was very ill, and all the bed clothing that they had went to her.  Hannah used to sit up all night on a trunk, (so) that her mother could have her share of blankets.  However, the last night on board, her parents insisted that she lie down; her legs had swollen badly, and she was much in need of rest.

When they arrived in Utah, they settled in Richfield.  When Hannah married Christian Brown, a personable man, fine and splendid, she moved to Monroe where she has lived ever since.

Their home was built from the first logs down out of Monroe main canyon, and she still lives in that same home - although now it has been remodeled and added to and makes a lovely, charming, modern home.  She is the mother of nine children, four of whom have passed away, and five of whom are still living.  She has also reared two grand children.  And now, also she has 18 living grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.

For the past thirty-five years, she has been a widow, and it is greatly to her credit that she has been able to send her younger children to college, and make it possible for them to have many wonderful advantages.

And today although she is 86 years old, she is still a block teacher in the Relief Society, and walks very briskly and with an enviable spring to her walk that most young people would do well to emulate.

Every summer she raises a garden--her hobby we could say is flowers, and also writing poetry.  She has written some very lovely things - indeed, she is so outstanding we are more than pleased today to be able to salute her on her birthday. 

86TH BIRTHDAY:  And so at this time, as Hannah Brown of Monroe, Utah, celebrates her 86th birthday - we are going to say...

"You've toiled in your garden - you've worked so hard                Of your love and sympathy.
Not only in your garden of plants and flowers-                              You are a true gardener, my dear,
But in your garden of home, among your children.                        And such a well beloved one."
You've nourished your little buds with care,
With infinite tenderness,
Given them food in the deep
And moving doctrines of your faith. 
Quenched their thirst
With the cooling refreshing rain

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