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Caroline Nielson was born 4 March 1891, at Richfield, Utah.  After the family haved moved to Winter Quarters, and her mother Stina had died in July, 1906, 15 year old Caroline took care of the house and looked after her little sister, Ella.  She apparently did most of the cooking, and Ella remembered that she made the best apple pie, bread, cakes, meats, and vegetables.  Ella said Caroline was bright, and along with her sisters, Jennie and Martha, taught her how to cook.  Caroline braided her hair so tight that it hurt.  Caroline tended to charge a lot of clothing at the company store, compared with Martha, who was more thrifty and saved their father money. 

Posible about 1911, Caroline married John O. Robertson, who was born in Spanish fork 5 May, 1891 to Charles O. Robertson and Rachell Bremhall.  John had come to Winter Quarters to work in the coal mines.  The date 22 January, 1914, given in the James and Stina Nielson Family Group Records for Caroline and John's birth dates of their two children.  Caroline and John lived in Winter Quarters at least untill 1914, having two children there, then were in Clear Creek in 1916 when their third child was born.  They were back in Winter Quarters in 1918-1922 for the birth of their fourth and fifth children and in Spanish Fork for the birth of their last child.  Their location for the next 16 years are unknown.  John did die in Spanish Fork on 31 July, 1940 and Caroline was in Spanish Fork when her sister, Jennie died on 1 October, 1945.  Caroline died 16 December, 1967, at the age of 76. 

Caroline and John's children were; 

Velda--   born 29 April, 1912, Winter Quarters.
Fern--     born 22 July, 1914 , Winter Quarters.
Grace--   born 13 April, 1916, Clear Creek, married Edwin Albert.
Floyd--   born 18 September, 1918, Winter Quarters.
Mildred--born 3 September, 1922, Winter Quarters.
Betty--    born 7 November, 1924, Spanish Fork.            

Carolines granddaughter, Mayanne Johnson said,  "Grandmother always had long hair and she was always combing and braiding it.  She loved her flowers and I still remember her garden; the rubarb, strawberries, and the other vegetables she raised.  

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