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James, the second son of James and Stina to be given the name of the father, was born on 22 April, 1892, at Richfield, Utah.  On 28 September, 1912, he married Isabell Carrick, who was born at Winter Quarters, 27 October, 1894 to John James Carrick and Ena Goodmansen.  Jim was about 11 years old when his family moved to Winter Quarters from Richfield, and it probably can presumed that he met Isabell in Winter Quarters and they were married their.  Jim was 20 and Isabell was 18 years old when they were married.  Jim worked in the coal mines in Winter Quarters, but they moved from there after their first child, James Niels was born.  They lived in Eureka for a number of years where he worked in the mines, which at Eureka were for obtaining gold and silver.  They were living in West Hiwatha for the birth of their next three children in 1921-1928, and in Mohrland for the birth of their last three in 1930-1936.  Since both Hiwatha and Mohrland are in the coal mining district, it is likely he continued to work in the mines.  In 1945, when Jennie died, Jim was living in Hiwatha.  Isabell died 16 December, 1967 at age 73.  Jim died in Salt Lake City on 30 January, 1976, at the age of 84, Jim and Isabell's children are:

James Niels--born 8 November, 1912, Winter Quarters, married Rena Kathleen Brandol. 
Lavern--born 1 May, 1921, West Hiwatha, Utah, married Feno Peterson.
Lee Earl--born 20 March, 1924, West Hiwatha, married June Helen Wallace.
Betty Lou--born 28 June, 1928, West Hiwatha, married Clyde Robert Buckley.
Arthur Mack-- born 30 September, 1930, Mohrland, married Francis Edna Egan.
Norma Jean-- born 8 October, 1932, Mohrland, married Melvin J. Bacon.
Thomas Hugh-- born 26 November, 1936, married Clone Elizabeth Walters.            

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