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a letter from (Mrs.) M Burrow

Wainiu omata 

Wellington, New Zealand 

29 Feb. 1936
Dear Harvey:

    (You) Will be wondering who is writing to you.  I was in Palmerston North a few weeks back and Auntie Annie (late Uncle Jens Petersen wife) gave me your address along with his other Cousin in USA so I am writing to you all this evening.

My father was Halvor Pedersen who died over 14 years ago.  I am his only daughter and I only have one brother, James.   He is married and has a wife and 6 children to keep, all small, eldest 13 years.
My mother is still alive and at present living with my brother in Palmerston North.  I am 51 last 6 October.  My husband, Jim is good bit older.  We have no family only me son and he died when 5 ½ years old, if living would be 23 years old.  I am tall, thin and fair.  I hope to have a map to send you later on.  At present I have not any on hand. 

Jim is one of the Caretakers of the Wellington City Council over here.  This is where Wellington is supplied daily with all the water which I hope to tell you all about in later letters.  We live in a very small country place so have very quite life. 

We have had very wet summer, some terrible gales, floods.  February has been the worst month, different to the summer we had last year, 1935.  It was glorious weather lots of places.  Were washing rain, this year, too much and lots of damage has been done in places through the gales.

Now I must close hoping to hear from you.  With lots of good wishes and love from your affectionate Cousin
Mary (Pedersen Burrow 

This is the first letter between Harvey Halverson and Mary Pedersen.  Typed the 13th of April 2001 by Eugene H. Halverson using Aunt Mary’s exact words and spelling. 

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