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Mr. Nielson
147 Lyndheirst Street
Palmerston North,
February 2nd, 1929
Dear Sir,
I here by beg to thank you for your most well come letter dated the 31st of December.  Well I mean to say that I am pleased to hear from you over there.  I see that you are married to my Sister's daughter so I suppose I will be called Uncle, of course that's what I am.  It seems funny when I think back over the time since I left home 54 years ago, your mother-in-law was only three months old, laying in the cradle, I had a peep at her the morning before I left at two o'clock and it was an awful dark morn, and now to think that she has a daughter, married with a family.  Poor old mother cried when I went.  Well it was only naturally that she would feel sorry to part with one of her boys.  Dear old Mother she, she was a good mother to us all, our parents had a struggle to find food and clothes for us all but she did her best. 

I see by your letter that your mother-in-law has lost her second husband, I can see that see has had her troubles.  I feel sorry for her, you can tell her.  If your wife takes after her Grandmother she will be a good wife so now be kind to her, I am sure you will. 

I see by your letter that you are a carpenter and I am glad to see that you are doing well.  That is the trade I have followed up but I haven't made my fortune by it, but enough to see us thu to the end of the chapter, I hope. 

Yes, I see Andrew went to the long long rest that for two of us that has gone.  When we have reared our family we have done our duty in this world so we can pack up. 

All our children are married now and we are on our own, four of them are carpenters, one is a clerk at a Railway Station, the youngest is a lawyer and has a practice of his own here in this town, and they are all doing well so far.  They have a better chance than I had when I came to this little island. 

I have just sold a big house in Church Street and bought a four room house here in Lyndheirst Street because now there is only two of us, a small house is more suitable. 

I will be 72 years next month so I am no chicken, pretty well worn out, sore and stiff legs.  I have had to work hard all my life. 

Now I will close my letter with kind love to you all,
Your Uncle,



I just had four letters from America so it is either feast or famine.  That was a time there I begun to think you had cut me off all together.  I wrote to (you) over (there) but no answer, but better late than never but can,t forget old over here.

Letter to J.C. Nielson (Elda's husband), 296 East Center, Springville, Utah, U.S. America.

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