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The Child of

Ellen Holt Behunin

Ellen was born on 24 Oct. 1883 in Escalante, Utah. Her parents are William Alma Holt & Sarah Wardell Holt. Ellen died on
9 Nov. 1918 in Torrey, Utah.

Ellen Holt married Leonard Behunin, son of Elijah Cutler Behunin and Tobitha Jane Earl.

Ellen and Leonard's children: Newell Behunin, Wilmer ('Bill') Behunin, Ellen Lopriel, Leslie ('Les') Behunin, Ruby Behunin Chesnut, & Ephraim Behunin Pectol.

 (Later, three other children were born to Lenard, but not through Ellen. They were born after Ellen died and Lenard remarried Hazel Shepherd.)

She (Ellen Holt Behunin) died of influenza that swept the world that year. She also was weak from childbirth. My father, Ephraim, was born on Nov. 01, 1918. His mother Ellen Behunin died when my father was just 9 days old.

When Ellen died with the flu in 1918, her husband Lenard asked the bishop (Bishop Pectol) to help him find a 'good LDS home for this baby to grow up in'. Dorothy Pectol was holding the baby in her arms and replied, "I think we have found him a good LDS home".
Thought from Leslie Behunin: "Ellen played the organ and sang, and had a choir in Torrey" said Uncle Les to Lonna Pectol. He also said that the Holts were funny and that they had a good sense of humor. Ellen liked to laugh.

From Lonna Pectol: I received a letter from Hyrum ''Morris'' Buhanan in 2003. He told me that when Ellen Holt Behunin died that day, three of her boys were at his house. Ellen was his Auntie. The three cousins that were at Morris' house were Newell, Wilmer and Leslie. He said when the news came to them that their mother had just passed away, he remembered hearing one of them cry out loud, "Oh mother, take us with you!" This memory effected his life, and it was still very vivid until his death. He was 94 years old when he died.
Just thought I would share that brief moment in history with you from one of our dearest, and kindest relatives “Morris Buhanan (Behunin)”
From Nancy Bauer:
I remember hearing about the one boy crying out that way when Dad told me of her death and his being there when her sons were told about their mommy having passed over. He was really impacted by that.
He said she had been such a sweet, kindly, pretty lady; in every sense of the word. He remembered that, because he had been at their home so often since Wilmer (Bill) had been his best friend as well as a cousin.

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