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by J. CECIL ATLER;  1932

Among the highly respected citizens of Wayne County, one who has been engaged in ranching for many years and who has advanced himself to a position of financial independence thru the medium of his own industry and good management is William Smith Sr.;  who is carrying on extensive operations in the vicinity of Torrey.  He has been a resident of Wayne County since 1885 and during this long period he has aligned himself with movements that have contributed to the prosperity of his adopted community where he is held in high esteem by his fellow citizens. 

William Smith Sr. was born 3 January, 1864 at Fountain Green, Utah.  (He died 15 December, 1939)  He is the son of Jorgen and ___________(Mette Marie Johannsen Villadsen).  The former born in Schleswig, Holstien, Germany and the later born in Alborg County, Denmark.  The parents were early settlers of Utah, residing first in Springville and later Fountain Green and then became pioneer residents of Richfield.  Driven out by Indians, they returned to Fountain Green but four years later returned to Richfield, a trip well remembered by William. 

In 1885, the family came to Wayne County and for twelve years resided at Notom, moving then to Bicknell where Jorgen Smith died.  His widow surviving him some years, serving also as postmaster and registration officer. 

William Smith Sr. attended the public schools of Richfield and when he was about twenty-one years old when he accompanied his parents to Wayne County.  This has continued to be his home, and at this time he is the owner of a valuable ranch in the vicinity of Torrey, where he carries on farming and raises Hereford cattle.  He is one of the substantial citizens of his community and has had several civic and church connections. 

In 1883 William Smith Sr. married Miss Mary Moss.  She was born at Washington, Washington County, Utah.  A daughter of Steven and Elsie Maria (Iverson) Moss.  Steven Moss was born in Denmark, a son of Danish parents.  They came to United States and then to Utah.  He received his education in his native land where he learned the trade of cobbler and followed this trade after coming to Utah.  Although in later years he gave the greater part of his attention to farming and cattle raising.  He was a republican in his political allegiance and an elder in the LDS Church.  William Smith married Mary Moss at the Endowment House at Salt Lake City. 

Steven Moss married Elsie Marie Iverson, a daughter of Jeppa and Anna Christina Iverson, native of Denmark and the early settlers of Utah.  Mrs. Moss worked in the Manti Temple for twenty years.  She came to Utah as a young girl.  She made her journey across the plains on foot. 

To Mr. and Mrs. Sr. has been born seven children. 
1--William Smith Jr.            married Ruby Perry of Torrey
2--Leah Smith                      married William Brinkerhoff
3--Eugene Smith                  married Sarah Coleman of Teasdale
4--Walter Smith                   married Jen Hickman of Torrey
5--Ada Smith                        married John Snow of Richfield
6--Cindy C. Smith               married James Chidister of Bicknell
7--Arval Smith                     married Glayda Chaffin of Bicknell

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