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She was the mother of fifteen children, her first two children were, Floyd and George.  Floyd lived 16 months, was a very bright child, talked like a man.  Just before he died our father was on the mountain over by Boulder.  He (Floyd) said,  "I wish Jack would come."  At this time father said to the men on the mountain,  "I believe something is wrong at home, I am going."  He reached home a little while before the baby died.  George died soon after birth.  Our mother was so nervous when their third child, a daughter, Amanda was born, she didn't take much comfort, every time she (Amanda) would cough or act different she would think something bad would happen

When she (Mother) was 36 years (old), I remember she was jovial, full of life, always laughing.  She looked so pretty and good to me.  (She) Was a very good cook and always had people around to eat the food, besides her own family.  They never turned anyone away hungry.   Only one time.  We lived on the farm now owned by the Harwood's.  A tramp came along, my father said,  "There comes a man, he will be hungry.  Could we feed him?"   Mother said,  "We don't have a thing but, bread and tea, so they let him go by.  But they always felt bad they didn't ask him in to bread and tea.  (the Three Nephites were roaming the earth at that time if you fed one of them you would be blessed or cursed if you turned him away)  

About this time she (Mother) had a dream that worried her.  Floyd came.  She said to him,  "How far are you away from mamma?"  He measured the distance with his little hands and said,  "Only a little ways."  He said,  "I want you to come with me."  She had a family, her children only two years apart.  She said,  "I am so busy I can't go Floyd."   He said and was out of sorts,   "I will take Art (Artie) then."  Now this was a great worry to her.  I was taking music lessons at the time.  She would go cry while I played the Organ.  She kept it a secret for a long time.  Then praying to her Heavenly Father (that) I (Artie) would be spared to live and raise a family.  "I think she always lived with a prayer in her heart."  She would say,  "My prayers have been answered." 

She had many friends and was very entertaining.  In those days, people would come and visit all day and if they lived better than a days drive in a wagon, they would stay all night.  It seemed like they were very happy to have their friends and relatives come. 

We were never with out a baby in the home.  There was a new brother or sister every two years and they were always welcome.  I was 15 when the twins, Norman and Norma was born.  There was a small room piled up high with dirty clothes.  Mother came to the door where I was sorting them and said,  "Artie, we may have twins come to our family.   What will you say?"  So, not thinking much, I said,  "I guess, I'll say,  Which one are you going to drown?"  But when they came, she said,  "Well which one shall we drown."  I said,  "Not either one,  I will try and keep their clothes washed but it will double the washing." 
There were four more babies after the twins and we loved them all and took good care of them, or the best we could under the circumstances.  

Then about 1916 they moved to Midway, Duchesne County.  Soon after her health failed, found she had TB. (tuberculosis) in her knee.  It traveled up her leg into her spine.  She suffered many death for ten years but I have always tried to remember her at 36 years old. 

"One day long before this, she gave Alma and I some eggs.  We walked to town to the old Rock Store (that still) stands today.  Got each a stick of candy with a ring on it and walked back home as happy as if we had a million dollars. 

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