Friday, March 9, 2012


Memories of Aunt Joyce
By Mark Boynton
Aunt Joyce Houghton Halverson
Looking back on our childhood it is hard to find a time when our families were not doing something together as a group.  Camping, fishing, hunting and the archery club were most of what I remember.  Easter camps at the sand dunes or Lookout pass usually started the off the camping year.  The weather was not always the best, but we could make the most of it by playing cards and games in the campers or decorating eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt.  The archery shoots would come along after that and then heading up to the muddy for the archery hunt.   We were lucky to have those opportunities in our lives and I am glad we are still getting together once or twice a year outside these events to keep our memories alive. 
Aunt Joyce was always there.  We could wander in to her trailer any time during our activities and she would greet you with a treat and visit with you finding what you were up to.  I remember dragging a bunch of my high school buddies up to the Muddy during the bow hunt one time.  She fed us lunch and visited with us for hours and was just enjoying her peaceful time in the mountains. I remember when we moved to Ephraim we always saw the most of her and uncle Gene.  I remember the pinochle games at our kitchen table.  Aunt Joyce was always easy going, but it always seemed like she would get riled up somewhere during the match.  As soon as that little vein in her neck bulged out Dad and Uncle Gene knew they had better back off or they were going to get an earful and maybe a lap full of cards. 

Joyce working at St. Marks Hospital
If we ever went back to Salt Lake we always stayed with them when we got there.  It didn’t matter who we were visiting we always stayed with her and Uncle Gene.  I think everyone in the family stayed with her at one time or another.  I was looking for work in Salt Lake one year after school let out and I showed up on her door step.  Cathy stayed there, I believe Uncle Pat and Kent stayed there and so did Edward and Emily.  We always knew we were welcome.
Whenever Craig had any of his many hand surgeries at St. Marks hospital he knew that Aunt Joyce would make sure he was taken care of.
Sherron   Gene   Joyce  Viv
Kent   Pat  Castle Gate
Aunt Joyce always kept everyone up to date on what was going on about her brothers and her family.  We always found out about Uncle Charlie’s family through her.  We really would not know Edward, Ellen and Emily if not for her.  She and mom would keep track of grandma and they kept up on how Kent and Pat were doing or what they were up to.  She was very proud of David and Diane.  I know she loved everyone in the family deeply.
I remember when Grandma died, Uncle Jim said that there was going to be a great reunion with Grandpa and Annie.  Well now Uncle Billy, Mom and Aunt Joyce have joined them and I bet they are having a great time!

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