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                Chris was the oldest son and the second child of Christian and Maren S. Boel.  He was born March 12, 1868 on the Bol farm in Oudrup, Denmark.  His name in Denmark was, Christen Christensen Bol.  He was a ten year old boy when his father brought him and his brothers and sisters to America.  Most of his family changed their last names in Court to Peterson. 

                Chris went school in Denmark and did get a good start.  We have wondered what schooling if any in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  He did learn to read, write and speak English.  He seemed to be quite well educated.  Some of his younger brothers and sisters were mostly self-taught or not taught.  His sister, my grandmother, Mary Peterson Halverson never could read and write. 

                I have been told that Chris was quite a leader.  He had a very glib tongue and could talk people out of most anything.  he was a salesman and did quite well at it.  He even talked his father, Christian Boel, a shrewd money manager out of large sums of money.   Everyone liked Chris and he visited and kept track of all of his brothers and sisters and his parents.  Dad said,  "I remember Chris mostly because of the cars he had." 

                Chris married Lucy Jane Crump 5 December 1894.  They must have met and fell in love at Palmyra, Utah.  Chris was always devoted to her.  Family members have told me that Lucy was quite a lady and demanded attention.    She would always wait for Chris to do all the many things other women would do for themselves.  And it seemed Chris enjoyed this privilege. 

                Lucy  was born 30 October, 1873 in Irondale, Jefferson, Ohio.  She was the last child of Lucy Castree and Daniel Crump.  All of Lucy's brothers and sisters and parents were born in England.  They belonged to the poorer class.  Daniel told his children,  "If you were born in the poor class in England, you would always be poor."  They were converted to the Church by Wilford Woodruff and wished to go to America to live.  They immigrated to America 29 August, 1871.  Lucy's father was working in an iron foundry at Irondale when Lucy was born.  They later moved to Spanish Fork, Utah. 

                The Peterson's bought a farm and moved to Lorenzo, Idaho, they came to Utah many times for visits.  Chris and Lucy were unable to have children.  My dad, Harvey Halverson remembers when Daniel Crump, Lucy's father was living with them sometime after Daniel's wife died.  We have photographs of Lucy with her brothers and sisters. 

                Lucy's brother, Joe worked with my grandfather in Magna, Utah in a place called Ragtown.  Ragtown, Snake Town and -------were company houses built by the Utah Copper for their employees.  Joe married Elizabeth Ellen Vincent.  Uncle James Andrew Halverson Married Mary Ellen Vincent.  Our family was quite close the Crump's and the Vincent's.

                Lucy died 15 February, 1931, in Idaho, (Lorenzo I think??)
                Chris died two years later, December 14, 1933 at age sixty-five.  They are both buried in the ------------Cemetery in Idaho??

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