Wednesday, August 15, 2012


How to Catch a Leprechaun
by Marcie Cahoon 

One day in early March I was really bored with doing my everyday chores. My mom came in my room with my coat and told me it was time to get ready for school.  So I pulled on my big, brown boots, my purple hat, my huge blue coat, and my make up to put on in the car.  Every thirteen-year-old girl needs too put on her make up before she goes anywhere!
 Anyway, I walked outside in no hurry to go to school.  You see There was a big annual ALeprechaun Hunt@ at my school ever since I could remember.  Most little kids looked forward to March 17th at O=Nsync Middle School in Ireland. Not me though! I couldn=t stand wearing green or looking for a stupid leprechaun that didn=t exist (so I thought)!
 This all changed later that day. I headed for the Lucky Forest where my class was supposed to look for Lance the Lucky Leprechaun! As soon as I got to the Lucky Forest,   my teacher,  Mr. Miller,  handed me a big sticky jar of sweet honey. He told me leprechauns love honey!
Then I went out to search for this stupid unreal leprechaun.  I had so many negative thoughts running through my head. Like, ALeprechauns aren=t real!@  AWhy do they have us do Kindergarten Stuff in 7th Grade?@  AI mean, a stupid Leprechaun hunt?  Get real!@  Those were just a few of my thoughts that morning.
AWhat do you mean, >Leprechauns aren’t real=?@ a squeaky voice said from right behind me.  At first I thought maybe it could be Matt, the joker of my class, but the voice was much too high to be his.  As I turned around, my hands were trembling.  The tiny voice spoke again, AWhy do you and everyone try to catch us?@
I realized then that it probably was a leprechaun!  I was almost around when he jumped on the honey bottle.  I nearly wet my pants!
He was about two feet tall and very chubby.  He took the honey bottle and was lapping it up as if it were water.  AYum-sky!@ he said.
AAre you a real le-le-le-leprechaun?@  I mumbled.  He nodded.
I just remembered what Mr. Miller told me about catching a leprechaun.  I decided to catch him and get all the gold.  I jumped him from behind.  He wiggled out of my hands.  AStop!@  I ordered.  AI promise I will hit you on the head with this honey bottle!@  He stopped and pointed to his left.  I looked and couldn=t see anything but trees.  Then I noticed a purple bucket of gold.
ATake it!@, he said, Abut don=t hurt me.@  I knew that the gold would turn into snakes if I didn=t catch him, so I thought up a plan.  ALet=s shake on it,@ I said.
AOkay,@ he replied.  He came over to me and I shook his little hand then grabbed him.  Now I had caught him!  Suddenly he disappeared.
In his place was a little note that read:
I ran home as fast as I could.  I opened the door and to my surprise, everything I have ever wanted was there.  I was so happy!
And I lived happily ever after!

                                      The End

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