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a hand-written story by
found in May Nielson Jones' genealogy book

Jorgen Smith was born 28 of May 1823, North Slesverg, Europe.  My Grandmother, Christena Marie Berkdall Smith, born 11 April 1825 in Denmark Slesverg.  Jorgen Smith's Grandfather, Christian Andrew Smith was born Aug. 15, 1782 at Stenderup, Prussia.  His Grandmother, Mary J. Swain was born 11 Jan., 1785 in Prussia. 

Before leaving Denmark he served in the German and Danish War for three years until 1848. 

Jorgen Smith with his wife Christena Maria, and three small children came to Burlington, Iowa.

They came to Utah in May 1855, he his wife, (my Grandmother) and five children started to Utah with a wagon company.  The children were, Mary, born 28 July, 1851 in Denmark, Christian M., born Feb., 1853, Berenlinton, Denmark, Bertel, Born 18 Sep., 1854, Born and died on the plains. 

He drove a Yoke of oxen hitched to a wagon where his wife and children and their belongings were hauled on the long journey to Utah.  He was a very good hunter and helped supply game for the company.  After reaching Utah they lost two children.  They settled in Fountain Green , Utah but moved to Richfield in 1862. 

Their oldest girl Mary with a young married couple were going to Glenwood, about 7 miles from Richfield to do some trading at a store.  After reaching the top of Cove Hill near Glenwood some Indians shot and killed the woman friend,  Mary was shot in the arm.  But managed to run to the bottom of the hill.  Where the Indians again shot her in the back, killing her instantly.  The man friend was killed with arrows.  This taking place near Glenwood.  The people of Glenwood saw the tragedy and reported to the Soldiers.  The soldiers followed the Indians killing 18, and kept the rest away while all the people from the small towns moved to Richfield.  Where they could be protected in a fort.  Grandpa drove his oxen into the fort with his provisions and family.  Stretched a wagon cover for protection against sun and rain.  They stood guard night and day.  Two Indians were shot trying to start a fire on one side of the outside of the fort door. 


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