Tuesday, July 12, 2011


                                                                      by MERLE JONES
Tintic High School Teacher K. Douglas

Printed in the Sunday Tribune about 1935

Cheif Sena-Vegan killed mary
My Mother has often told me about her Aunt Mary Smith, who in the year 1867, at the age of 16, was savagely killed by the Indians. 
Mary Smith was on her way to Glenwood from Richfield with her friends, John Peterson and his wife, Caroline, when the Indians attacked the group.  For days she had planned the journey, although her mother felt that she should not let Mary take it, although her mother felt that she should not let Mary take it, something within her heart warned the mother to keep Mary at home and not let her start out on the long journey; but because this trip was greatly desired by Mary, her mother brushed aside her misgivings and gave her consent for her daughter's going. 

With joy in their hearts, the little group set out only to meet the tragic fate that awaited them, when they were only a few miles from Richfield, their happiness became horror.  There before them appeared dark-skinned savages, ready to kill.  Be hind them as out of the air more came in sight not a chance was left for escape.  Amid gun shot and whizzing arrows came the cry of agony of John Peterson, as he slumped to the floor of the carriage.  Almost before Mary could realize what had happened Caroline too was in a heap near John. 

It was Mary though, was to be mutilated most brutally by the savages.  They were not satisfied by wounding her in the side and then shooting her through the heart.  Nor were they satisfied to scalp her as they had scalped John Peterson and Caroline.  Hers had to be a worse fate, her body was shot full of bullet holes and greasewood was jammed in each hole.  only the arrival of a group of white people saved Mary from being a human torch the fiendish Indians had intended her to be. 

This news paper clipping was sent to me by Sarriah Alvey Feb. 1962.

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